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Linked Digital Repeater System

Lloyd's Electronics' system of linked digital repeaters uses VoIP technology to give our customers the ability to use their radio equipment to reach nearly any area of West Virginia and into southeastern Ohio, as well. For example, we have the equipment and technology in place to allow customers to talk from Wheeling, WV to McDowell County, WV. Lloyd's is constantly expanding our wide-area linked digital repeater coverage to meet customers' needs. Our systems are monitored 24/7 and operate at 98% reliability. We also offer UHF Motorola Turbo Digital community repeater service with stand-alone repeaters.

Please contact our sales staff to schedule a demo of our linked repeater system.


View Our Coverage Maps

Please note that coverage maps shown represent optimal results and that coverage can vary based on weather, growth of trees, buildings and other non-terrain based obstructions. Coverage maps are presented as a guide only. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration. Our sales staff can assist you in planning reliable communication.

You can download our current Google Earth KMZ file for the coverage maps displayed below. The Google Earth App is required. If you do not currently have Google Earth, it can be downloaded for free at this link.