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Communication for a Changing World

Lloyd's Electronics' FCC certified service technicians and knowledgeable sales staff provide a full array of products and services to serve the two-way radio communication needs of West Virginia and southeastern Ohio. We can assist customers from start to finish with designing, licensing, building or modifying new, existing or outdated communication systems.

With facilities in Millwood and Jane Lew, we provide quick response throughout our service area.

Equipment Sales and Service

Let our sales staff help you with choosing the equipment best suited to your communication needs. We have experience providing communication equipment for a variety of industries, as well as public safety and government entities. We also sell, install and maintain camera systems for school buses, daycares, etc. Additionally, we build, maintain, deconstruct, and service communication towers.


Our network of towers is the backbone of our repeater system, allowing us to provide our customers with reliable communication throughout West Virginia and southeastern Ohio. We offer Motorola Turbo Digital community repeater service with stand-alone digital repeaters, as well as a network of wide-area linked digital repeater systems.

Tower Space Leasing

With more than 60 tower sites, we have the infrastructure in place to meet the needs of customers looking to lease tower space for their communication equipment. Our network of towers extends deep into rural West Virginia. Many of our sites have been upgraded with new towers and buildings in recent years and most sites have internet access available.

Equipment Rental

We offer short-term communications solutions with a wide range of rental products including repeaters, portable and mobile radios, control points and accessories. Rental equipment can be programmed to your frequency or we have itinerate frequencies available, if necessary. If you need equipment that is intrinsically-safe, Lloyd's has that as well.


At Lloyd's Electronics we have a full line of numeric and alpha-numeric pagers available for purchase. Our Black Bear Paging system provides service throughout most of West Virginia and parts of Southeastern Ohio. Paging can allow contact in areas where cell phone service is unavailable. Pages can be sent from a phone through our toll-free number or from a computer via Internet Paging.



With internet available at the majority of our tower sites, customers have trunking capability through VoIP Radio systems allowing them to talk over a greater distance. Customers can also monitor onsite equipment via internet. Call for additional information.

FCC Licensing

FCC Licensing

We can assist you with all aspects of FCC Licensing including application for a new license, renewal or modification of an existing license, or reinstatement of an expired license. Call for additional information.