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Communication Equipment

Two-way Radio Communication

Lloyd's Electronics is built on a foundation of sales and service to help you communicate in West Virginia and Southeast Ohio. From the start, Lloyd's has provided customers with quality two-way radio communication products from Motorola, and we remain a Motorola Radio Solutions Channel Partner. We have expanded our line to other vendors, including ICOM.

Security Cameras, Cellphone Boosters, Body Cameras, Paging Equipment

In addition to two-way radio communication equipment, we offer a selection of security camera systems, cell phone boosters, antennas, body cameras, and paging equipment to meet the communication challenges your business faces.

Installation, Service and Maintenance

Our sales staff can design a communication system to meet your specific needs and application, whether that is public safety, industrial, government, small business, or personal. Additionally, our service department is available to install, service, and maintain equipment. We offer two-way radio equipment sales and service throughout West Virginia and southeastern Ohio.

Key Applications Include:

  • Pipeline Communication
  • School Bus System Communication
  • Business Security Camera Systems
  • Childcare Facility Camera Systems
  • Law Enforcement Body Cameras
  • Construction Site Communication

Two-Way Communication Towers

Lloyd's Electronics offers communication tower sales and service. We have personnel experienced in all aspects of communication tower including:

  • Communication Tower Design
  • Communication Tower Construction
  • Communication Tower Service
  • Communication Tower Maintenance
  • Communication Tower Rental
  • Communication Tower Deconstruction

"Le-Ax Water covers parts of 18 Townships in 4 counties in southern Ohio.  Cell service is not available in all parts of our district, and we struggled staying in contact with our field crews.  Working with ... Lloyd's Electronics, ... we upgraded to a digital platform, and [they] looked at all our equipment and a lot of it could be reused with some minor tweaks in programming. [They] didn't just try to sell us all new equipment! We now have clear, no static communications with our field crews.  Lloyd's has served us well."

— John Simpson, Le-Ax Water District General Manager

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