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Equipment Sales and Service

Two-Way Sales and Service

Two-way Radios, Security Cameras, Communication Equipment

Sales and service are the foundation that Lloyd's Electronics was built on and continues to be one of the focal points of our company. From the start, Lloyd's has provided our customers with quality products from Motorola and we remain a Motorola Radio Solutions Channel Partner. We have expanded our line to other vendors, including Icom. In addition to two-way communication equipment, Lloyd's Electronics offers security camera systems, body cameras, and paging equipment. Our sales staff can design a communication system to meet your specific needs and application, whether that is public safety, industrial, government or small business.

Additionally, our service department is available to install, service, and maintain equipment. We offer sales and service throughout West Virginia and southeastern Ohio.

Two-Way Communication Towers

Lloyd's Electronics offers communication tower sales and service. We have personnel experienced in all aspects of communication tower construction, service, maintenance and deconstruction.

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